RIP Adam West

Adam West has passed away.

02 Charmy as Adam West - Colored - 11 x 17 FACEBOOK

When I was a kid, I watched the Batman television series in reruns. I was fortunate because I did not have to wait an entire week to see how Batman managed to get out of his dire predicaments. In syndication, you just had to watch the next episode, or wait until the following afternoon.

Adam was later a favorite of my two boys due to his portrayal of the fun loving mayor on Family Guy. As a matter of fact, when I told Travis of the news, he sighed and said, “Oh no! Not the mayor!”

Thanks Adam for all the joy you’ve brought us. To your family, I express my sympathy and will keep you all in my prayers. To his fans, ditto… and I just ask all you fans to post your memories for all to see… Kind of one last bat signal in the skies of the internet for all to see.

If you have a memory of Adam West, post it in the comments! Maybe you met him at a comic con and would love to share a memory… please share! Everyone would love to hear how Adam or the Batman television series touched your life.

Goodbye old chum.

– Davy



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2 thoughts on “RIP Adam West

  1. My best memory of Adam is as Batman climbing up the side of a building along with Robin. It was quite obvious that the camera was filming sideways, but we all loved it so much, we ignored that and pretended they were actually climbing the building!!

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    • Even as a kid I knew how they did it… it was still cool. I loved it when someone would open up a window and talk with Batman and Robin. I heard that Hollywood was full of celebrities wanting to do guest spots during the window scene. Ted Cassidy was one of my favorite guest appearances. Ted is better known as Lurch from the Addams Family… and he played Lurch in the spot. It was cool because it looked as though Batman was running into Solomon Grundy. That would have made a great episode…….


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