Charmy’s Army – June 11, 2017

06JUNE2017_CHARMY - WEEK 24 - 0611-0617 - WEB OKRA

Frenchy shines today! This comic strip is straight out of my memories as a teenager. We would play Softball with my click and the girls were more interested in being chatty than they were interested in playing ball. It was annoying… but we were teenage boys and hung around some very hot girls… so it did not actually bother us. I still have no idea why these girls hung around us. We were so nerdy.

I love writing these stories. Every adventure I undertake with my cast brings me back to my teenage – young adult life. The memories are so heart warming. I really miss my friends sometimes… but then I look at my life now and I am so freaking happy. Still, it is fun to write and channel that crazy energy I shared with my running mates back in the day. Makes me feel happy and very old…. lol……

I did attempt to play golf a few times. My buddy Don and I were asked to leave one country club when we asked if we could play. We had pretty long hair and knew they would not let us play. Stupid redneck country club.

I was horrible when it came to golf. I had a shoulder that was always popping out of socket. Back when we played softball, I would whack the ball far into the outfield on my first two at bats… but then I could bot left my shoulder and I would be bunting the rest of the game. When I played golf, I would be fine the first 6 holes, but after that I would take forever getting the ball down the course to the green.

Being so terrible, we would have to take breaks in order to let people play through. We would play for hours and hours. We got our money’s worth. It was fun because we had no worries, When things got in the way, we let these things play through. While these “issues” worked themselves out, we took in the sites while nature took its course.

Let that be a lesson to you all. I have continued living my life like that and my life is awesome.

– Davy


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