Charmy’s Army – July 2, 2017

07JULY2017_CHARMY - WEEK 27 - 0702-0708 - WEB OKRA

Happy July 4th!

I hope everyone has the 4th off. I don’t unfortunately. If I did, I would spend the day with my family… maybe take in a breakfast at the Seabrook Waffle Company and just chill all day. If you are unfamiliar with the Texas Gulf Coast, you know that “chilling” is a bit impossible with our humidity and heat index.

I sent out submissions to two syndicates this week. Both syndicates have seen my pitch before and both have rejected me, Creators Syndicate sent me a form letter two weeks after I submitted to them three years ago. Everyone receives a form letter in about two weeks from that syndicate. They are very quick.

GoComics actually sent me a personal email. Unfortunately, it was not very positive. They did love my drawing style and my writing… but the strip in general was flat and they did not see any potential in it. They said it was not something they would ever consider. So I rebooted it and added Flimp the Chimp. I also hit the road and promoted my comic strip at comic cons, gaining a huge and dedicated following… thus proving the new version does have great potential. That said, I am not going to get my hopes up.

If the syndicates pass again, don’t worry. This comic strip will be stronger than ever. If they pass, I am going to start calling newspapers myself and make this career happen. My work is too good to remain online and in only one newspaper for long. That said, if I have to do more legwork getting my comic strip into newspapers, I may cut out my comic con appearances next year so I can use the time on marketing. I will still do appearances at Comicpalooza and at Alamo City, but that may be all I can do. Now, if I do get syndicated, and can work it out with my day job, I would double my appearances and get that first book out for my readers who have been begging for its release.

Time will tell.

I love doing these shows, so I hope I can keep doing one every two to three months. I nearly booked a new one show here in Houston but I am in the red after Alamo City Comic Con so I reluctantly passed on this new show coming in September. They sound like they will be a great show and I hope the do so well that they return next year… then I will jump on one of their extremely expensive tiny tables…. Yeah, they were to expensive anyway… lol….

Have a great 4th! I hope you enjoy the inside look into my day to day. I want you all to stay updated on everything I do… and every decision I make.

– Davy

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