Charmy’s Army – July 10, 2017

07JULY2017_CHARMY - WEEK 28 - 0709-0715 - WEB OKRA


I have added some very cool shirts on my TeePublic merchandise page. I even sold a few shirts already! The site also includes stickers if you have something that needs a cool sticker on it. I still don’t know why stickers sell so well in Artist’s Alley. All I know is the minute I add stickers to my Artist’s Alley table, the fad will fade. It happened before.

Two years ago, everyone was collecting sketch cards. Sketch cards are tiny drawings on tiny pieces of bristol board. They are the same size as a collector’s card… a baseball card. Kids were walking around with collector albums in their hands, snatching up these cards like candy. I decided I wanted in on that craze!

Guess what? I worked like a mad man and created a wall of inked cards with Copic Marker tones and the craze died. Yep. The following show saw no a single card being sold! I still have my wall of cards if anyone wants to purchase a sketch card, lol. The good news is the wall of cards makes my table look pretty cool.

If interested in a t-shirt, pop over to my store at…

Have a great day and enjoy this week’s comic strip.

– Davy



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