Charmy’s Army – August 1, 2017

08AUGUST2017_CHARMY - WEEK 31 - 0730-0805 COLOR STACK - OKRA


This is going to add a lot to my schedule, but having these strips in color looks amazing.  I hope you all enjoy.


I heard back from Creator’s Syndicate!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! Guess what they said? They said the EXACT same thing as last time. I can remember because it was the EXACT SAME THING they said the time before THAT. Yep, U received their standard rejection form letter once again. I have no idea if they even look at my submissions to be honest.

I still have submissions into Go Comics and King Feature. I should get their rejection letters soon.


I will be appearing at Bell County Comic Con in Belton, TX this weekend! I will have art and prints ready for purchase. Come see me and a host of amazing artists. Kevin Eastman (TMNT) is scheduled to be there as well as Pro Wrestler Sting! Kevin Nash had been advertised but he cancelled a few weeks ago. I was so bummed when I found that out. These celebrities always cancel at the last minute. Oh well.

For more information, go to


Davy Jones


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