Charmy’s Army – August 14, 2017

08AUGUST2017_CHARMY - WEEK 33 - 0813-0819 COLOR STACK - OKRA


I am so glad you asked. So I was on vacation last month in Gulf Shores. My son spent the summer as an intern at Coca-Cola in Atlanta, staying with my brother-in-law who also happens to work at Coca-cola. We all found Gulf Shores, Alabama as a great halfway point… so we booked a beach house and had an amazingly fun weekend.

I love my in-laws. They are amazing. Spending time with my brother-in-law Danny and his wife and two sons was special because I never get to see them anymore. Houston and Atlanta is a world away.

So we had lunch at a little restaurant called “The Diner”. Stupid name, yes… great food?… Yes! So my nephew Tyler orders a hamburger not reading the description and is brought out a towering burger that was larger than his head. It was a sight to behold. I think if he had eaten the entire thing in 20 minutes our meals were free. Of course he couldn’t eat the entire thing. If he had eaten it, I do not think the go carts would have been a goos a=idea afterwards. Oh wait… we didn’t do the go carts after all though… Yeah, he should have eaten it all.

So at the table, as I watch poor Tyler do his best to eat this high rise hamburger, I thought up this strip. Luckily I always keep a tablet in my car so I jotted down the idea after we ate. If I had not written it down, I would have forgotten the gag. Gags just vanish if I do not write them down.

So there you have it! A comic strip based on real life events!!!! How often does THAT happen in Garfield or Pearls Before Swine. Those cartoonists just make up stuff. I actually LIVE my comic strip!!!!!

– Davy




4 thoughts on “Charmy’s Army – August 14, 2017

    • It was great… Too short though. We drove up so we only had one full day to take in the sites. I needed three full days. The beaches were so pretty. Much more appealing than our beaches here in Texas.


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