INKtober – Day 11 – Frenchy as Lillian Munster

Frenchy once again proves she is the better impressionist. You have to admit, she is a INKtober - Day 11 - Frenchy as Lillian Munster SHERPADEAD ringer for Lillian Munster. That was a terrible pun. I am so sorry. Must be getting tired. This week has been crazy…. in a good way. More on that next week. For now, I am staying focused on INKtober.

I am really having fun with these mash ups… as you can probably tell. I was a huge fan of Mad Magazine as a kid and loved their parody stories. I am getting inspired to maybe do a parody story of my own.

Who wants to see a crazy Mad magazine style parody of The Munsters starring Charmy and his friends?

I will continue with the Munsters theme tomorrow. I have two more characters to use… Eddie and Marilyn.


In the comments, leave me more suggestions for INKtober mash ups. We still have a LONG way to go.



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