INKtober – Day 12 – Flimp as Eddie Munster

#INKtober is in full swing!!! Today I continue my tribute to The Munsters with Flimp theINKtober - Day 12 - Flimp as Eddie Munster - SHERPA Chimp as Eddie Munster. I even included his wolf man doll.

My website is exploding with each INKtober post. My stats are at record shattering levels. I cannot thnk you all enough for your support in my INKtober efforts this year.

I watched the original pilot episode for The Munsters the other day. I cannot believe I never saw this. It was terrible. Actually it was worse than terrible. The timing wasn’t there and the characters’ personalities felt flat.

In this original pilot, Eddie and Lilly were played by other actors. Lilly wasn’t even the character’s name. Her name in the episode was Phoebe!. Now that is just SO scary…… Phoebe was portrayed by Joan Marshall whose look and personality was way too similar to Morticia Addams from the Addam’s Family. She was smoking hot though… but Yvonne De Carlo was the ultimate choice. She owned that role.

Happy Dreman played Eddie like a wild animal. It was a bit disturbing as Happy grunted and snorted his line out. When the series was ordered, Happy was the first character to be recast. Thanks goodness because Butch Patrick was so awesome… not that there was much depth to the role… but to portray the character as a normal kid the way Billy approached his part showed that Butch was quite talented.

Can you tell from the last few posts that I loved this show?


Leave me more mash up suggestions in the comments. THANKS!


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