Charmy’s Army – November 13, 2017

11NOV2017_CHARMY - WEEK 46 - 1112-1018 - COLOR - STACKED - WEB

Poor Turtle! I don’t think he’ll ever have a chance with Frenchy! Gotta respect Turtle’s tenacity. Unfortunately, Frenchy has a boyfriend back home. He is not a very good boyfriend of course, but she is spoken for. I wish my strip was syndicated daily so I could explore all of these side stories.


Yep, I am doing it. I know I told everyone at East Texas Rose Comic Con that I was done for the year, but I was given a free table in Austin so I seized the opportunity to chisel away at my show losses for 2017. Yeah, you do not want to know how bad I did this year. Let’s just say I did worse than my year one comic con experience… which was a bleeder.


No big deal. To me, these shows are not about making money. I am attending the shows to promote my brand and deliver new readers to my comic strip. I have added more readers to my strip this year alone than I did in the past 7 years combined. I began the year with an average readership of just over a hundred readers per day to my new daily total of close to 2,000 people. On a good day, I sometimes see over 4,000 readers!

Investment well spent.

So where is this new show? ROUND ROCK, TEXAS!!!! On December 2, 2017 I will be at the Central Texas Teen Comic Con at the Round Rock High School. It will be a blast. I am bringing some new mini prints and new buttons to make sure I have plenty of lost cost items for all the kids. I do not expect this to be a money maker, but it will be a blast.


I have cemented a few dates and I have a few appearances pending. I am very excited about each of these shows. If you are anywhere near any of my appearances, please stop by and see me and my art. I love showing off my work and meeting my readers.

Here is my tour schedule and the event statuses….

JANUARY 20 – Victoria Comic Con – Victoria, Texas. CONFIRMED.

FEBRUARY 3 – BrazCon – Pearland, Texas. CONFIRMED

MAY 25 – 27 – Comicpalooza – Houston, Texas. PENDING TABLE PURCHASE (tables are not up for grabs yet)

JUNE 16 – 17 – Greater Austin Comic Con – Cedar Park, Texas. CONFIRMED.

JULY ?? – Bell County Comic Con – Belton, Texas. PENDING TABLE PURCHASE (tables are not up for grabs yet)


OCTOBER 26 – 28 – Alamo City Comic Con – San Antonio, Texas. CONFIRMED.

I feel very good about all of these appearances. I may add a few more shows. I had a blast in Tyler and would love to be invited back to East Texas Rose Comic Con. If I can swap a table for a panel AND if the show works with my schedule, I will return. That show felt like family!!! You rock George!!!!!!

If this show in December in Round Rock is at least a break even show, I may return there in 2018 as well. We shall see soon.

I have one other show announcement in Houston for March. I am just waiting for more details before I confirm it on my website. I spoke with a promoter in Dallas about doing a show for him… a small show, but a good show none the less. I have wanted to do a show in Dallas for some time. Again, this may also depend on my schedule as March is a very busy month for me personally.

Come out and see me! I love meeting my readers!!!!!


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