Charmy’s Army – March 5, 20

03MAR2018_CHARMY - WEEK 10 - 0304-0310 - COLOR - STACKED - WEB


I was able to get the books printed at the cost I wanted… well about 10 cents more per book than planned… but I am happy. I hope to have art to the printer the first week of April. I have a TON of work ahead of me. I have about 80 comic strips to colorize. They take about an hour each to color. 80 hours is not an easy fit with my schedule. I have a massive three day show in a few weeks to prep for and I have two newspaper deadlines during this time frame.

My goal is to have the comic books printed by Comicpalooza which will run Labor Day weekend here in Houston. This deadline will be TIGHT!

I will be taking pre-orders soon. I will either print 100 or upwards of 250 for the first printing. This first printing will have an exclusive cover. The second printing will have a different cover. The cover used for the first printing will be retired, so the first printing will be worth a lot more when I make it big since it had such a limited number of copies produced.


So get this! I’ve thrown my name into the hat for Comic Strip of the year at this year’s Reuben Awards. There is no way in heck Charmy’s Army will ever be considered. To be honest, I really hope I do not get nominated. The Reubens is the same weekend as Comicpalooza. I cannot miss my big show here in Houston. Of course, if I were to be nominated, I would cancel Comicpalooza in a heartbeat, lol…..

The real reason I even threw my hat into the race is simple. I just want to have some more professional cartoonists see my work. My hope is that maybe someone with some pull in the industry will see my submissions and find that my skill level and dedication is worth a push.

Will I be disappointed if nothing at all comes out of this? Nope. I am way too busy right now. I have never worked harder on my dream than I am right now. I am cranking out a crazy amount of production right now. I am not sleeping much as a result, but I have never been so happy with myself. By the time the year is up, I will have published my first comic book and I will have completed at least 10 comic con appearances. Top that off with the production of 52 new comic strips and who knows how many more commissions and I will be so proud of myself by year’s end.

The syndicates should be taking note.

Have a great day! Please share on social media and help me chase my dream.



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