Charmy’s Army – April 2, 2018

04APR2018_CHARMY - WEEK 14 - 0401-0407 - BW STACKED COLOR - WEB


What an amazing show!!! I was one of two featured artists presented by HouPop! at Anime Matsuri over the weekend. The staff with HouPop! were the best promoters I have ever worked with. Johnny treated me like a rock star. The harder I work, the more doors are going to open for me and my cartooning career.

I was skeptical about promoting my traditional comic strip at an anime convention. My fear was unwarranted! The crowd was hungry for an artist who is breaking down barriers… tearing down walls… and reviving the comic strip industry. I am going to be syndicated soon… I can feel it. When I do become syndicated, I will create a new revolution much like we saw in the 80’s. Fans will once again be excited about comic strips. They will care about our creations. They will hunger for more. More strips, more special exclusives, more excitement.

I met so many amazing people… too many to name. The last two hours of the three day show was off the hook. My last three sales to Judy, Cameron, Jordan and Michelle are etched in my mind. Cameron and Jordon purchased a set of Walk ANT dead sketch cards and were so full of energy. I was so tired and they fired me up. Thanks guys! Polly purchased a print and was so wonderful. She reminded me that people do truly appreciate this industry and are there to support our hard efforts. The last purchase of the day then went to Michelle who was just so sweet.She reminded me why I do what I do…. why I work as hard as I do. Michelle also purchased a print. The print was of the comic strip where Charmy is dating a zombie. It was the epic ending to a memorable weekend.

I could go on and on with stories.

My road trip continues in a month in Baytown, Texas. If you want a more intimate environment, pop by Eastern Rim Comic Con and let’s chat about the industry and comic art. Heck, I love to hear about you guys. I love hearing what makes you tick… or what ticks you off…. lol… It all helps inspired me when I write my crazy stories.

Click here for details on Eastern Rim and to follow my event page for breaking news.

Of course if you are holding out for the big show in Houston, you can see me at Comicpalooza. I have an event page for that show as well. Click HERE to follow that event. I will have a Charmy’s Army comic book at the show!!!!!

GET YOU COMMISSION IN EARLY!!!!!! Email with your mashup suggestion.

See you all soon!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Charmy’s Army – April 2, 2018

  1. It was really nice meeting you. Your art was as great as your personality and you had great class. I can’t wait to meet you again 😁!!


    1. I had a blast at Anime Matsuri. You guys were so cool. I hope to see you again. I will be in Baytown on the 21st at Eastern Rim Comic Con and in May I will be at Comicpalooza. If you attend either, please stop by and chat again.


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