Charmy’s Army – April 9, 2018

04APR2018_CHARMY - WEEK 15 - 0408-0414 - BW STACKED COLOR - WEB


Oh, I have been patiently waiting to unveil this silly gag!!!!! I have no idea why I laugh my butt off every single time I read this. Oh… and there is a sequel strip. That strip can never run in a newspaper though. Poop joke. I am saving that for a future appearance in one of my comic books.


I am happy to announce that the nominees for the Reuben Awards are in! As always, they went with good deserving comic strips, lolol….. No Charmy again this year… bwa ha ha ha ha!!!! Oh, seriously, I never thought for a second I had a chance. I just love entering every year in hopes someone important sees my work.  One day, the right person will see Charmy and I will get that lucky break. Until then, I am having a blast doing what I do. 🙂

So who was nominated in the category Charmy entered?


Talk about a hot roster of talent! I have been following all three for years. Mike Peters’ work has been a personal favorite of mine for decades. Mark has been inspiring my creativity for years. Strips like today’s elephant gag is a direct result of being so heavily influenced by Mark’s work. Terri is one of the best illustrators in the business and I marvel at her line work. On top of that, her writing is insanely good. Wow, how do you pick a winner here?


So, since I was not nominated, I do not have to cancel Comicpalooza. Now I bet you are all glad I was not nominated. Reubens are the same weekend as my biggest comic con appearance, Comicpalooza. One year soon though, I will attend the Reubens even if it is just as a fan. For now though, Comicpalooza is my award ceremony. I so look forward to seeing my fans there every year. I have a huge following in my hometown of Houston and this is the big show everyone goes to to see me and purchase some art. This year will be amazing. I have several new items planned… like my first comic book!





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