Sketch Cover Art Spotlight


MARVEL - Amazing Spiderman No 789 - 004 COLORED-FACEBOOK
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Spider-Ant! Spider-Ant!
Most other heroes find him quite arrogant….

Here is my first ever sketch cover using COLOR Copic Makers! I have only created these works of art with gray markers in the past because I love the classic comic strip feel of Black and White.

Now, I did one other color cover last year but I used Prisma Colors. When I draw with Prisma Colors, I layer all sorts of colors and build a rich feel and texture to the hue. This takes hours longer than I want to spend on these covers.

That said, Prisma Colors are much cheaper than Copic Markers. Cost is another factor in my decision all these years to only use gray Copic Markers.

Luck would have it though that I came into an amazing deal on some color Copic Markers a few months ago which led me to try out a test cover, which you see here. The colors came out amazingly well! I am seriously wanting to do another color cover for Bell County Comic Con…. Heck, maybe two or three! I would love to do the venom version as well…. hmmm…. Now I want to get my markers out!!!!!


If you are attending Bell County Comic Con, be sure and get a sketch cover commission requested asap before my slots fill up. Just email me at with a description of what you’d like to see Charmy, Frenchy, Weaver or Flimp mashed up with and I will find a blank variant which works best with your mashup! Multiple characters on a sketch cover are welcomed…. BRING IT ON!!!!

Click HERE to see my portfolio of cover art.


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