INKtober Day 9 – Frenchy as Olivia de Havilland as Maid Marian

Day 9 - Frenchy as Olivia de Havilland as Maid Marian LRINKtober Day 9 – Frenchy as Olivia de Havilland as Maid Marian

Yeah, I take my INKtober pretty seriously. I am not doing ten second, quick sketches for the readers and fans of my comic strip. Heck no! You all are near and dear to my heart so I go all out for this amazing month of artistic inspiration and perspiration.

Tonight’s drawing, from start to finish, took just under two hours. That includes about 15 minutes of research. My investigation has me looking through Google Images and watching clips on Youtube of Olivia de Havilland performing the role of Maid Marian. I am seeking that “look” from the stars I mash up my characters with. Everyone has that one unique look. When I say “look”, no we are not thinking the same thing. You interpret me to be saying I am looking for a pose or a style… a mannerism in how they carry themselves. Nope. I am looking for that “look”. Everyone has a stare or a gaze that is their trademark. I am looking for an actual “look”. This “look” is classic Olivia de Havilland in her role as Maid Marian.

A great actress or actor actually can change their “look” from role to role. The best example is my favorite actor, Jimmy Stewart. That man was an entirely different person from role to role. There are a few roles that kind of run together for him, but if you consider how many roles Jimmy Stewart portrayed, you have to understand that some characters are going to be similar. With the holidays coming up, there are several of Jimmy Stewart’s movies on my watch list for the Christmas season.

Back to today’s INKtober drawing. Please note my inking style on this sketch card. The lines are not as thick. This is for a reason. When I want the mashups to be silly, my line widths are fat and “playful”. This drawing here is meant to be serious, so the lines are thinner. These thin lines add more drama to the illustration. This allows everyone to take in the beauty of Frenchy’s interpretation of Olivia de Havilland in her role of Maid Marian. If you go back and view the sketch card of Charmy as Errol Flynn as Robin Hood, you will see the same treatment with my lines. View that post HERE. There are a few lnes that play up the thickness a bit, but none are overly exagerated like I use when drawing a comic strip.

So what will tomorrow bring? Stay TOON’ed to see.

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– Davy

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