INKtober Day 10 – Charmy as Prince

Day 10 - Charmy as Prince LRINKtober Day 10 – Charmy as Prince

When Prince was suggested for INKtober, I rolled my eyes. How can I capture this iconic legend in mashup form? This was one I knew I would not do justice when I inked in the art. Once again, I have surprised myself. THIS IS AWESOME!

This is why I love INKtober. I ask you, my readers, to pick out the most insane suggestions and you guys come through. Each year, you are picking harder and harder mashups. You push me. You make me drawing subjects I would never try because I think the ideas are impossible. Your suggestions are making me grow as a cartoonist. As a result, INKtober is turning me into one heck of a mashup artist. I cannot thank you all enough for the crazy suggestions.

I hope you all enjoy INKtober as much as I do!


#comics #Prince #INKtober @INKtober2018 #CharmysArmy


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