INKtober’s Awkward ending

Day 30 - Anthony Perkins LRWeaver as Anthony Perkins

I apologize for missing the last three days of sketches. After the big loss at Alamo City Comic Con, my wind was completely knocked out of my sails. I planned on knocking out the last three cards on Tuesday after I returned from San Antonio. Unfortunately, I hit rock bottom and just could not get motivated.

All is good now. My comic strip is awesome. Every other show is just a bad show. I need to stop reading into the bad shows. Nearly every artist I spoke to at Alamo City Comic Con had a terrible show and were in the red. Next year I will only do a few, small shows. In 2020 I will try big shows again. Until then, I am going to save some money.

Here is Weaver as Anthony Perkins from Psycho. This was a fun one and will end this month’s run. I may try and do the last two next week. I want to also do another version of this card with Anthony dressed as his mother… and then one more where he is dressed half and half. This would make a fun set. Fun. Fun is something I am going to get back to.

I took this year too seriously. I cannot have FUN chasing my dream when I take this chase to seriously. Sometimes I feel like my time is up and syndication is far out of reach. If that is the case, then so be it. In 2019, I am going back to just having fun. As a matter of fact, I am not going to wait for 2019. I have a show in December in Mont Belvieu, Texas at Nerd Con. I am going to go have a blast like I used to a few years ago. No more stressing.

– Davy


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