Charmy’s Army -November 5, 2018

11NOVEMBER2018_CHARMY - WEEK 45 - 1104-1110 - COLOR - STACKED - WEB

Rock and Roll!

Today’s comic strip was inspired by my day job. Yep, true story. We were working with influences to promote our new product Workmen’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream. It is a new hand lotion which forms a barrier protecting your skin from Grease, stains, grime and skin irritants. The real magic in the product’s performance is that it makes cleaning your hands simple. You can get wood stain on your hands and, if you coated your hands with Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream, the stain will just wipe off.

So the influencer we were talking with on this day of inspiration was a lady who paints rocks, hides them and blogs about the rocks and their history. As I looked into this trend, I saw there were many people doing this and a strip idea was born. I love pulling ideas from my own experiences. It gives me a story to blog about. These blogs are SO difficult to write.


I updated my comic con appearance schedule. I am only making one more appearance this year in Mont Belvieu. After that, I am only doing the shows I have booked for 2019. I am not spending any further funds on shows until I get a few more comic books completed, I invest about $600 to print each issue so I need to focus the funds next year on the books and not into more show appearances. I will be glad to add shows if promoters want to bring me in and cover my table cost of course, but that very rarely happens unfortunately.

In 2019, I am only scheduled for 5 shows. None are large next year. I am doing two medium sized shows, one in Austin and one in Belton. The other shows are very, very small. The great news is that all tables for next year counted towards this year’s budget… and wiped me out. I am finishing the year about $100 in debt. I will carry that over to next year so that all tables are paid off with a looming debt of only $100. I should make that back at BrazCon. The only investment will be three weekend’s worth of hotels and I am planning to stay at the nastiest, cheapest hotels I can find, lol…… When I am syndicated soon, I will look back at the sacrifices and hard work with a HUGE smile.

– Davy


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