INKtober 2018 in Review

Oh, I hate changes. WordPress has completely changed the back end of WordPress’s website so I am testing the new look out. Hopefully this new update to WordPress will not crash and burn my site! I am already seeing a few features missing which I use. I always use a full justification on my paragraphs and I do not see that option.

Today, I am going to test out this media block. Here are my INKtober drawings from last month. Check them out! They came out amazing.

INKtober was so much fun. I ran out of gas at the end and missed two cards. I had a very bad show in San Antonio and it wiped me out emotionally. I just could not get motivated to do those last two cards after working so incredibly hard all month prepping for Alamo City Comic Con. I still had a blast seeing my friends and hanging out on the Riverwalk with my wife. 

Looking back on this impressive set of cards though, I would say October was an amazing month. Truth is, every other show is a bad show. I cannot blame anything but bad luck on the epic fail in San Antonio. I will try Alamo City Comic Con again in a few years. I love that city too much to stay away too long. I did sell a record 5 sketch cards that weekend. Unfortunately, I did not sell much more than that….. 😦

This post was a good test of the new WordPress platform. I really do not like it though. Hopefully I will get acclimated to the new look soon!


2 thoughts on “INKtober 2018 in Review

  1. I’ve really been enjoying your character interpretations for Inktober! Sorry to hear that San Antonio didn’t turn out so well. I enjoyed meeting you at Anime Matsuri in Houston this year, and following your blog.

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    1. It is always great meeting new people. I am glad we connected at Anime Matsuri.

      Every show is a gamble. I do very well at some and very poorly at others. I am finding that the shows with a ton of pop culture, celebrity guests tend to be my bad shows. People spend too much money on autographs leaving the vendors in artist’s alley struggling to even make their table back. I love San Antonio so I am glad I went to Alamo City even if they artists did all suffer from the huge celebrity line up. I talked with several big name cartoonists who attended in Artist’s alley and they did very bad as well.

      I am sticking to smaller shows next year. I only have a few dates here in Houston. I will do Nerd Con on December 8th. This may be the last chance to grab my second variant cover to my comic book. They should sell out. If you are looking for a tiny, fun show, check it out. The show is only from noon to 5 pm and I will be doing a panel on writing and being creative with art. You can find info on the show HERE….

      Hope to see you again soon!



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