Charmy’s Army – December 2, 2018


I love writing strips for Turtle. He is madly in love with Frenchy, even though he knows he has no chance with her. Turtle will never give up. He is like me. I am in love with the idea of becoming a real cartoonist one day and I refuse to give up chasing my dream.

If I ever get an animated series out of Charmy’s Army, I would be so excited with the possibilities of building up these bit characters like Turtle, Blue and Sarge. The chances of getting a television deal is less likely than my chances of getting syndicated. Like Turtle and his determination, I will never stop working at my dream… so who knows what may happen!

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We lost one of the most amazing creators of our age last week. Steven Hillenburg succumbed to ALS at the young age of 57. So sad. Steven was the creator of Spongebob Squarepants, inspiring cartoonists around the world to be as silly as possible. The world of Bikini Bottom is a work of pure genius.

I can only dream of Charmy’s Army becoming as huge as Spongebob Squarepants.

Rest in peace Steven. Thanks for all the memories of me and my sons laughing in hysterics at the most amazing television show ever to air. You will be truly missed.

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