Charmy’s Army – December 31, 2018

Gooser Dadburn Rides Again!

I am so excited about issue four of my comic book series and it is probably a year away from being released. My fourth issue will feature the epic tale I call “True Twit“, a parody honoring one of my favorite movies. I am a huge fan of John Wayne. True Grit, The Cowboys and The Searchers are my three go-to westerns when I need a classic fix of one of America’s biggest legends of the silver screen.

I do not want to directly parody the prodigious tale, rather I want to pull only the bare essentials from the original and create my own myth for my own character, Gooser Dadburn… aka Charmy with an eye patch. How he ends up with the eye patch will be addressed in the issue, but the reason was actually explained nearly 10 years ago.

I will not reveal any details regarding this story, but I will share a secret. I actually wrote and drew strips for Gooser Dadburn nearly 10 years ago when I was still experimenting with my drawing style for this strip. The story spread across 8 weeks, that adds up to 48 strips. I am going to completely rewrite the plot because the strip’s version feels rushed and is more gag oriented so the actual story suffers. The great thing about my upcoming comic book series is that the stories will all rely on greta writing and amazing stories. Gags will be flushed in as needed to keep readers smiling, but the emphasis will be on creating stories people will talk about and stories leaving readers anxiously awaiting the next story.

Issue Two in Production!

Issue number two is being written this week. Issue two will be in story mode. Issue one, as you recall, was a collection of all the comic strips from my first two years running in newspapers across the United States. The next issues will be written and drawn up like a normal comic book. Bigger art, bolder writing, loads of action and tons of character building.

The second issue will follow Charmy and the gang as they pretend to be detectives in the story I am calling “Defective Detectives“. While working nights as janitors for an office building, Charmy is mistaken as a Detective. Charmy takes the case and finds himself and the rest of his friends slap dab in the middle of a haunted house and a twisted murder mystery.

Once I am ready to print, I may do a Kickstarter campaign to get these book printed. Stay TOON’ed for details.


I want to thank everyone again for the continued support I have received. This year was so amazing. Every show I appeared at had positive results… even the few shows where I lost big money still had amazing fand turning out to support my dream. You are all very awesome.

I hope everyone has a great New Year. May 2019 be an epic year of joy and success for all of us. You can meet me at a few shows during the first half of the year. I have cut way back on my show budget for 2019. I will add shows in the second half of the year if I can get promoters to bring me in and cover my table cost. If you want me at a show near you, PLEASE contact the promoter, via email or through social media, and beg them to bring me in. NOTE: I am only doing shows in Texas this year. I do plan on doing a show or two out of state in 2020 or 2021 if Charmy’s Army continues to grow and I can add five more papers running my comic strip in 2019.

Talk to you all again NEXT YEAR!!!!



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