It’s a NEW DAY for Charmy’s Army

It is the FIRST day of a NEW year! Boy, do I have some exciting plans for my readers in 2019. My number one change is to become more accessible. I will host chats at least day each month via ArtFarm. I will do more live drawings on Facebook Live. I will be creating video blogs for my Youtube channel which I hope to create weekly by mid-year.

What? You never heard of this? Well we just launched at MIDNIGHT to ring in the new year. Check out my page here…

ArtFarm is a community of top quality artists I have met along my journey through Texas based comic cons over the past 5 years. The website exists as a showcase of the most talented creators in America, offering a home for us to manage commission requests and sell print.

The most exciting aspect is the interactivity this site offers. We will all produce live chats and live videos in support of the site and in support of our fans. I am so proud to have been chosen for the site’s test talent. I will be heavily involved with the site as it grows to become on of the premium sites for artists and their followers.


Onward and upward. This will be my most creative year to date. I am going to land more newspapers if I have to go to each editor’s door to make a pitch. My goal is to add at least 5 more newspapers. My DREAM is to get syndicated in 2019 into a few hundred newspapers. I am not giving up on syndication. I will be hitting the syndicates with new submissions in the first quarter of 2019.

Keep sharing my posts. You are all the real reason for my my continued growth and success. You are all awesome. God Bless!!!!


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