Charmy’s Army – January 27, 2019

Slaying Dragons

I have killed so many dragons over the past three years! After landing my first reoccurring newspaper run in 2016, I have grown my following beyond the realm of my wildest expectations. Blessings have been bestowed upon me proving that hard work does indeed pay off.

Unlike Warrior Wench Wendy today, I still have some very scary dragons to slay. Now… LIKE Wendy, I am not scared of the fight that is ahead of me. When Frenchy transforms herself into Warrior Wench Wendy, she becomes the strongest and bravest women in comic strips today. As for me, I find myself to be the strongest and bravest undiscovered cartoonist you will ever meet. I will be syndicated soon. I can feel it in my bones.

Besides syndication, there is one other huge dragon to slay. My next big task to undertake will be the launch of my comic book series. And then the next dragon to slay will be the commitment to keep new issues cranking out every two months or so electronically on Comixology. Of course, I am only guessing I will be accepted by Comixology. I will figure out how to sell it electronically soon. Yet another dragon to slay.

This year will be yet another massively insane year. I am already feeling better about slowing down with the comic con appearances. I hate dropping my appearances down to only 5 shows this year at first because I love meeting readers. The issue is that I only make enough money to pay off the table most of the time. The other issue is the loss of time I need to work on projects. With my full time job, I can only work on projects during the weekend. I can only produce so much with the limited hours available to me. Time is yet another dragon I need to slay. Cutting back on my appearances has that dragon wounded pretty badly.

Thanks again for your continued support. This year will be an amazing year!

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