Charmy’s Army – February 4, 2019

Frenchy and Flimp in “Love Stinks”

We have all experienced the blinding effects of love in our lives. There is always that one crush or relationship we all look back on and wonder what we were thinking. For some of you, it may have been a brief relationship with someone who was your complete opposite or someone of ill will. For others, it may be a material object you could not live without though it was so terribly bad for you… like bacon. In this story, Frenchy and Flimp fall in love with a smelly skunk and adopt it as their pet.

This is the first full length story I have drawn up in three years. Once I landed my first weekly newspaper, I began writing gags and steered away from these stories paced at six comic strips in length. Before landing my first newspaper, my stories were all six or twelve strips long. I love writing these stories, so I am happy to announce that I will be producing many more in the future.

This story stars Frenchy and Flimp in a tale I call “Love Stinks”. As you can tell from today’s offering, the two numskulls think they their new pet is a cat. You can only imagine how much fun I will have with the next 5 comic strips! I promise the gags won’t stink as bad as that “cat” smells.


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