Charmy’s Army – February 11, 2019

Cat Lovers vs Dog Lovers

I will admit, I am a dog lover. I have nothing against cats personally. Growing up, I had two cats. Both were jerks. I also had a few dogs when I was growing up and they were my best friends when I needed them to play that role. The cats fed off my plights and just acted like the issues were on me. They never sided with me.

Everyone seems to have their favorite side of every coin. Heads or tails? What about this one… Marvel or D.C? This war has driven me crazy. Please do not hate me, but I loved Batman V Superman. I loved Justice League. I am a D.C. guy who appreciates the Marvel Universe. Yes, I prefer D.C. over Marvel, but I actually love them both.

What really makes me sad is the fact that every Marvel fan seems to wish ill will on every movie D.C releases while every D.C. fan also seems to be hoping the heavens crash down upon everything Marvel releases. This just saddens my soul. How can anyone wish such doom and gloom on something?

I know everyone cannot be successful all of the time, but I wish everyone the best in their personal endeavors. You may be asking, “What about other cartoonists who are seeking that rare slot at a syndicate?” You may wonder how I would react if I hear one of my peers gets into a syndicate as I struggle to just get a syndicate to realize I am sending submissions in annually. I have had several friends get in with GoComics and with King Features and it thrills me to death. I love living through others.

Jealousy is a sin that will eat you alive. I have seen it destroy families. I have seen it divide the best of friends and create decades of hatred. When you look back at these situations and reflect on what could have been, you realize the magnitude of the absurdity. The worse thing about jealousy is that it is contagious because the actions spread and reach other people, infecting their souls as these individuals pick a side to stand behind…

…and we are back at picking sides.

Do me a favor and look into your heart. If you have any jealousy infesting you, look deeply into the situation and think about what could have been in your life if the situation was resolved at the get-go. Think about others who were hurt because they had to pick a side.


Well, I said I was going to change the direction of my weekly blog! I decided instead of just talking about what I am dong every week, I would talk about subjects with a bit more meat. I would talk around the comic strip posted and maybe link in the discussion to the comic strip in some form or fashion.

This week, I decided to do a little spiritual guidance. I feel that if “Sparky” was a blogger, he would have wrote a blog similar to this. Of course, a blog by Charles M. Schulz would have been written much better than mine. Afterall, he was the greatest cartoonist ever. And NO…. I am not taking a side… Just voicing an opinion. “Sparky was the greatest cartoonist, in my opinion, who ever picked up a pen… You experience may vary.

– Davy


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