Welcome to my weekly introduction to the Just Ants League. In my version of this classic superhero network, my heroes revolve around my comic strip Charmy’s Army. In my crazy world, things are not at all what my readers expect. This holds so very true for my vision of the Just Ants League.

This week, we will begin with Super Ant. Kal-El lands on the Kent farm and is adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent, but these foster parents are very different than the farmers we all know and love. Jonathan was a grizzled old man who was bitter towards the government, blaming them for the poverty farmers were suffering through. Jonathan suffered a massive heart attack and passes away when Clark was only nine years old. Clark blamed the government for all the stress his adopted father which he believed led to Jonathan’s death.

A few years later, Martha would remarry Jerry Hammond. Life was good for three years until Jerry ran out on Clark and Martha, taking their life savings with him. As a result, Martha had to sell the farm and make a move to Metropolis. Clark does not go to high school in Smallville so he never meets Lana Lang. Clark does not begin to discover his powers until high school. As he begins developing his abilities, he uses them to track down and play vigilante on his former stepdad. This does not quite go as planned and Clark is arrested and spends his senior year at a school for troubled kids.

Not a rosy picture, right? Truth, Justice and the American Way? My version of Super Ant lives by the mantra Ruthless, Vengeance and Anyway You Can.

This version of Super Ant is a bit scary. He is very dark and has more power than any other superhero on the planet… or the universe. Because of the potential danger Super Ant possesses, Bat-Ant has a secret task force trained and ready to take Super Ant down should the crisis arise. More on that in an upcoming post.

Clark Kent works at The Daily Planet as a reporter in parallel to the universe you know and love. Clark also has a relationship pending with Lois Lane. Jimmy Olson is a photographer for the Daily Planet, but Clark and Jimmy are not friends. Clark regards Jimmy as a weakly with whom Clark has nothing in common with.

Oh course, there is not much I can do with my vision unless DC Comics is interested in playing along. I am working on a script for a few comic books which I will pitch to the giant publishing company in 2020. Stay TOON’ed for more insights into the JUST ANTS LEAGUE next week!



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