Warrior Wench Wendy

Warrior Wench Wendy has quickly become the most popular character in my comic strip, Charmy’s Army. Every appearance I make brings in readers who ask me the same question… “When will Warrior Wench Wendy have her own comic book?

Yeah, the skip asking about more appearances in the comic strip. Readers want a standalone vehicle for Frenchy French’s alter ego.


Alright, your wish is my command. I am writing the origin story now. It will be a dramatic tale with some light-hearted fun mixed in. I am extremely excited to bring this fascinating story to my readers and fill that need they have for more material from the mighty hero Frenchy brings to life.

The story will also explore Zana’s history as well. Zana is the young sidekick in this epic tale. Zana will bring the light-hearted moments into the story because when Frenchy is Warrior Wench Wendy, she is no long the silly Frenchy we see in my comic strip. Zana fills that void we get with Frenchy’s new persona, bringing in a few laughs and giggles.

The above image is from an upcoming comic strip which will run in a few weeks. That one scene took as long to draw and any full, four panel comic strip. It seems that every time I draw up a comic strip with Warrior Wench Wendy, I end up spending an extra hour or two producing that one strip. I can only imagine how long this Warrior Wench Wendy comic book will take to create!



#comics #charmysarmy

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