Just Ants League – Bat-Ant

See what Batman look like in the Charmy's Army universe!

Bat-Ant, one of the most mysterious superheroes in the universe, has a deeper secret in the universe surrounding my comic strip known as Charmy’s Army.

After an epic battle, the most respected superhero to ever pursue justice was defeated. The original Bat-Ant fell to the destructive force known as Bane. Though left for dead, Bat-Ant survived by escaping through the sewers of Gotham City. He crawled through a tiny crevasse, hiding for a few days until he was sure the scene was clear and then alerting Robin for help.

The billionaire Bruce Wayne had been paralyzed. The rumor of Bat-Ant’s death flooded the underground of Gotham. Crime exploded as turf wars raged. Within weeks, Gotham deflated into a war zone as mob bosses flexed their muscles for control. Robin was a young kid who was not ready to fly solo. She still needed a few years of training so another hero needed to don the cape and cowl. Yes… I said “she”. Robin is a young girl in this universe.

The chapters of this tale date AFTER the fun run of my comic strip Charmy’s Army. The big war is over and Charmen “Charmy” Packy is a war hero who has seemingly vanished. The timeline of the end of my comic strip and the demise of Bruce Wayne’s Bat-Ant cross within a few days. Legend of Charmy’s heroic feats during the close of the war peaked the interest of Bruce and the transition was implemented.

Learning curves aside, Charmy seamlessly replaced Bruce as the Dork Knight. Charmy’s identity appears to vanish from all records at this point for the next twenty years as he takes on the role as the most vital hero in the history of the Just Ants League. No one in the league knows that this switch was ever made. The team all believe that Charmy is Bruce Wayne. Shielded in lead, the new suit Charmy wears casts a shroud of secrecy impermeable to Kryptonian x-ray vision.

As the story progresses, a few heroes will discover the secret. One hero in particular becomes a love interest for Charmy. I would love to disclose more information on this romance, but I am holding that secret to myself until DC Comics clears the path for publication of my epic series.


More details on my superheroes from the Just Ants League is coming. Check back next week. Subscribe to my blog HERE and never miss a post or a comic strip.


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