Just Ants League – Captain Marvel


Passed along from one foster home to another, 12 year old Billy Batson’s future was looking bleak. His latest host family seemed like the perfect fit he had dreamed of since he lost his parents so tragically 5 years previously. Unfortunately, within two months, the foster parents were brought up on tax evasion charges and Billy’s perfect family slipped away.

The story here in my ant universe is a bit different than the Captain Marvel, aka Shazam, origin story everyone is used to. Here in my world, Billy has dreams of a young girl calling for help. The girl is far away and as he runs to help her, she just appears to be further and further away. Finally, one day, Billy catches up to her and finally sees her face. As soon as she opens her mouth to speak, Billy awakes. He has no idea that these were not dreams. These were visions.

The dreams halted for 39 days. On the 40th day, the vision became a reality. Billy had ran away from the latest foster home. He had hopped onto a cargo train because he decided he would be a hobo. Even though Batman in the above strip mistakes Billy as a six year old, he is only twelve. Kids at that age make stupid decisions. He leaves off for the unknown without any plans for a future.

Billy falls asleep on the train and after a few hours, he is awaken to see the girl from his dreams whispering “Please save me”. After muttering those words she leaps from the train. Billy jumps into action and leaps out after her. Once again, she appears to be so far out of reach. Every time Billy gets close, Billy blinks and she is further away. His journey takes him up a mountain and into a cave.

Here, he finally comes face to face with her. The girl once again whispers “Please save me”…. and then she adds, “Save us all.” With that she slowly vanishes before his eyes.

Billy turns to be greeted by a man calling himself Waldo the Marvelous who transfers his magical, super human powers to Billy Batson. You all know the rest of this story. Whenever Billy yells “Shazam!”, and he turns into a grownup superhero with the mind of a kid.

Billy was immediately invited to join the Justice League. His invite is not because his powers were needed by the Just Ants League. Oh no. The invite was so the roster of superheroes could keep an eye on him. Captain Marvel is just a 12 year old kid. His induction was to make sure he is groomed to become a good hero… and so he stays out of trouble. His short lived solo romp caused millions of dollars in damages to the city. This also caused civilians to question the need for superheroes.

Billy is cool with hanging out with the superheroes in their secret fortress in space, but his never gets to go on any missions. That really bums him out. Will Billy ever get a chance to shine? You betcha! If DC Comics ever green lights this, I will fill you in on how Captain Marvel saves us all!!!!

I will have more insider scoops regarding The Just Ants League soon. Stay TOON’ed!!!

– Davy


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