FLIMP LOSES IT! – Charmy’s Army April 8, 2019


Flimp the Chimp has been spotlighted in my comic strip continuously over past few months. That stupid monkey has gained an enormous following. At Hill Country Comic Con, I was amazed at the number of people telling me that their favorite character in my comic strip is Flimp the Chimp. There must have been a dozen or more people on the monkey bandwagon at that last show. I was floored. As a result I have been extending Flimp’s appearance run.

Today, Flimp and Frenchy go to the lost and found. The timing of this episode was a bit ironic. I prepared my comic strips for May this weekend. Upon creating the initial layout, I realized I had misplaced on of my scripts. For the life of me, I could not recall the gag. I prepped the layouts for the other strips and figured I would just write a new gag to replace the script I lost.

As soon as I sat to write a new gag, the missing script popped into my head. I had recalled crafting another Great Fludini comic strip and the gag was recalled. This is not normal for me. I have a million gags in my head so once one is forgotten, it is impossible to get it back. I cannot tell you how many funny gags I have thought up but lost because I did not write them down. I carry three notebooks in my car. I have one beside my bed. I have one in my desk at work… don’t tell my boss. Even with these strategically located ledgers, I still lose gags monthly.

Today’s comic strip is a nod to the great vaudeville skits I studied as a kid. Most gags just do not hold up 100 years later, but the wacky scenarios are easy to update to more modern settings. I have always been a huge fan of the Marx Brothers. I watched A Day at the Races today and thought it was still amazingly funny… but I know the gags just don’t hold up.

This is one of the issues I deal with when writing my gags. I have to always ask myself, “does this gag holdup”? I lose a lot of gags on purpose after writing them down because I will determine the day is just too dated. Being funny and being relevant must go hand in hand. Always keep that in mind if you are writing gags.

Gotta get back to watching Wrassle-Mania. What a busy weekend!!!!



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