Flimp Trains to be a Boxer!

And so another epic tale begins!

This is yet another continuing story for Charmy’s Army. This will last a few weeks but will be the last series of interlocking strips for a few months. I just wanted to test the waters with the continuing storylines. Since I am only in weekly newspapers, it is a bit difficult for readers to keep up. Once I get syndicated into daily newspapers, ALL of my strips will be linked into continuing storylines.

As you all know, Charmy is not very fond of Flimp the Chimp in this comic strip. This little adventure will be a lot of fun and will let Charmy take out some of his frustrations on Flimp. Buckle up for a fun story I call “Sir Prize Fighter”.

Eastern Rim Comic Con is OVER!

I had a blast! Once again, I had so many fans show up for another one of my appearances. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this outpouring of support I have seen this year. Of course, I do not want to jinx myself. This is EXACTLY how last year began. Once Comicpalooza was over in May 2018, that year tanked for me. I am hoping this year is different and the momentum runs through the entire year for 2019. Time will tell.

From the moment Eastern Rim Comic Con began, I was greeted by one amazing person after another. It all began with Reiner coming by early in the morning to say hello. I met this young kid at BrazCon. Such a super nice young man. My day continued with a mixture of brand new fans and returning fans popping by one right after another. I only had a few slow runs, each only lasting maybe five minutes. Saturday was insane.

Sunday’s panel was so much fun. I sat on a panel with Last Sentry Comics’ founders Travis Huffman and Patrick Yarbrough. These two guys have an amazing chemistry. I really felt the three of us flowed smoothly through the panel. I really want to sit on another panel with them in the future. I felt like we could have kept going for another hour or two.

New fans… old fans…. You all made my weekend complete! THANK YOU ALL for making the yet another highly successful show for me and my comic strip Charmy’s Army.

Now, time for some much needed rest.


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