Flimp Pumps Iron!

Comic Strip from Charmy's Army - Flimp weight trains for his upcoming boxing match.

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Easter is full of treasured memories for me. I drift back to my own Easter egg hunts as a kid… then I drift over to my two sons’ egg hunts where I shared the love and joy with my precious grandmother. Easter has not been quite the same since her passing. These days Easter is a few hours at my mom and dad’s house for a quick lunch and we are off to get back on our projects. My comic strip takes up every free moment I can get.

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I actually had to work Saturday so I was unable to get any art completed… or worked on… this weekend. I am discovering that I have a need to draw something every single day. After a day without a doodle, I feel so ot of sorts. I feel like something is missing in my day to day activities. I have gone 5 days without having time to draw and I am a mess. After a few days without a pencil or a pen in my hand, my self-doubt creeps up.

I hate that self-doubting side. A s long as I am working on something, I have all the confidence in the world. When I miss out on drawing for a few days, I just cannot help but worry that I just do not have what it takes to be a successful cartoonist. For as long as I have been trying to make something out of this dream, you’d think I would have some real success under my belt, lol…

You must always count your blessings. I am in 5 newspapers. That may not sound great, but it is an amazing achievement. I have a ton of extremely loyal fans who support me at every appearance. I have a few, very few, professional artists who actually take me seriously. I have hundreds I have met at my shows who still do not take me seriously at all, but I understand why they do not… I have no real success to speak of. The few who do take me seriously are more support than I could ever ask for. The biggest supporter I met occasionally is Guy Gilchrist. That man always makes me feel like I am only a few strips away from catching the eye of a syndicate. He is such an amazing human being and I am so happy I met him a few years ago.


If you are in Houston, do not forget to check out Comicpalooza May 10-12, 2019. This comic con has consistently been my best show. I doubt I make as much money as I made last year, but I know I will do just fine. This show has become my HOME. I have an amazing cult following at this show. I see fans there year after year who I only see at this show and these people look forward to meeting me every year. They make me feel like a rock star!

This year, my table number is…


This spot will be a CORNER so I will have two tables set up just like last year. Unlike last year, this spot cost me a fortune! Basically I had to pay for two tables. It’ll be worth it. Worse case scenario, I may only break even this year… no big deal. The corner spots open up more traffic to my table. If you’ve seen my setup, I have a massive amount of mini prints, How may do I have? I have created 126 mini prints! The display is a sight to behold and has been the source of my success thus far this year. At a dollar a piece, these guys move like candy.

Time to jump on a few projects and research ideas for a few commissions. Have a great week and enjoy this week’s comic strip!

This week, Flimp is in weight training for his upcoming boxing match. Charmy is his trainer so you know all will not end well.



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