Flimp the Chimp is READY TO RUMBLE!!!

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I love Flimp. He may be a smelly, rude little monkey, but he is a crowd favorite. I am working on a backstory for Flimp which may be grown into a full comic book. After reading this story, you will learn Flimp’s real name, Flimp’s hat size, Flimp’s, Flimp’s favorite pizza topping, Flimp’s favorite color for string, and Flimp’s favorite gemologist. Flimp loves shiny things so he is fascinated with gemology. Most monkey’s are enamored by shimmering rocks.

In this week’s comic strip, we continue with the story of Flimp’s dream to be a prize fighter. I am always a bit worried when I create strips with so much dialogue. for starters, they take forever to letter by hand. That said, my main concern is the heavy look it creates for my readers. People do not like to read a lot of text. Sometimes you must be a bit chatty in order to get the gag sold in.


I had the extreme pleasure of FINALLY seeing Spamalot in Galveston this past weekend. I am a HUGE fan of Monty Python. My humor is fueled by thousands of hours of the original TV show as well as their movies. I have seen each episode dozens of times. I have their albums and their books which I have listened to and read dozens of times. I probably know every word by heart from the tv series Fawlty Towers. I am a super fan…. yet I have NEVER seen Spamalot.

Sitting in the audience with my wife, I felt like a kid again. I remember the first time I saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the sensation was the same. I was 12 years old again and ready to see something quite silly. I was first blessed with Monty Python and the Holy Grail at my aunt’s house. It was a Saturday night and PBS had a fundraiser running. Every time they do one of these fundraisers, the channel actually plays something good. Afterwards, they would go back to their boring educational dribble.

From the very beginning of the movie, I was in stitches. I had fell earlier in the day and had a really nasty cut that had to get sewn up. I remember when I first saw Patsy slapping those coconuts together to make the sounds of a galloping horse. Brilliant! The movie blew my creative mind away.

Between Monty Python and Mad magazine, my brain was warped at a very early age. I was destined to be a comic strip cartoonist!

So, I finally attended a performance of Spamalot. It was AWESOME! The cast was superb. The sets and costumes were insane. Brave Sir Robin, played by Kasidy Devlin, stole the show. We saw the play at the Grand 1894 Opera House which is a tiny theater. There is no bad seat in the house. From beginning to end, I laughed like I was 12 again. I cannot begin to tell you how much this performance meant to me. I actually wish I had purchased tickets to BOTH performances. I could have sat through that show twice!

I wish to thank EVERYONE in the cast for such an amazing performance. Steve McCoy, Leslie Jackson, Kasidy Devlin, Jason Elliot Brown, Adam Grabau, Phillip Huffman, Blake Burgess, Tim Hackney, Noah Berry, Wes Carmen, Gideon Chickos, Dakota Dutcher, Joey Fontana, Whitney Hatch, Amy Laviolette, Vanessa Mitchell, Robert Toms, and Stephanie Wasser, I cannot thank you each enough for such a memorable performance! I will be back next year should the show return. Heck, I will pass up any comic con appearance to make sure I see this show again!!! Well, maybe not. I have to build that audience. Because of my heavy tour schedule, I have passed up the last two opportunities to see Spamalot. The struggle to get syndicated is a harsh journey.

With God’s Blessings, I hope to see the show again next year should it return to the Grand 1894 Opera House.


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