Flimp the Chimp Fights a Giant

Winning at ANY Cost!

I create these strips a month ahead of post date, yet they always relate to my current situations. Like Flimp I spent the weekend thinking up ways to “cheat to win”. I am prepping for Comicpalooza where I did VERY well financially last year. I know in my heart that last year was a flook. I must insure that I have the same level of success. Breaking even is just not good enough now. Breaking even is the best I have been able to do at my show appearances lately. I typically pull in around 50 to 100 bucks over break even… or I lose 50 to 100 bucks under break even.

That is going to change… but I will be selling my soul.

I vowed 5 years ago that I would never do fan art. My purpose in artist alley is to promote and market Charmy’s Army. Because of this, I am not making money. I see kids across from me selling prints of art they downloaded off the internet and they are making a killing. Now, I am not doing that of course. I am just drawing original pieces of popular characters on small, $10 sketch cards.I cannot bring myself to make prints of characters I do not own the rights to, but drawing one for a one-time sell is about as deviant as I can do.

I am going to have a dozen sketch cards featuring The Animaniacs, Pinky and The Brain and characters from the DC Animated Universe. If you are going to Comicpalooza, check me out this weekend!



#comics #charmysarmy #comicpalooza

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