Flimp the Destroyer

Flimp the Destroyer – Flimp fights a giant.

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth!

I love it when the underdog wins. For the last few years I have clawed my way up the ladder in Artist’s Alley. When I began my climb, I would sit at my table, pitching my dream, and watching people walk away with a business card, a story in their heads… but nothing in their hands. I could not make a sale to save my life. Tables were so expensive and I could not make enough money to cover my gas for two years.

I stayed strong. I refused to sell fan art. I only pitched MY property,,, Charmy’s Army. I wanted ti make sure I was known only by MY work…. My creation… MY dream. I held firm. I watched as year three provided me with my first show where I would break even. That show was Comicpalooza. After four failures at Comicpalooza, I finally had a victory. Fyi, in case you think I summed my math incorrectly, there were TWO Comicpalooza events one year.

Year after year, I would continue to make money at Comicpalooza.

Year four saw the landing of Charmy’s Army in its first newspaper. Year four also saw the beginning of more shows where I would break even,,, and the start of my road shows outside of Houston where I would fail miserably show after show as I saw audiences once again who did not know me or my comic strip. By the end of year four, I would again see a huge loss when all was totaled up.

I stuck to my guns for three more years and watched as the losses each year became acceptable… until last year when I broke even on the year for the first time ever!!!! I know it sounds so strange to be happy to have made NO money…. but think about it this way… For the first time ever, I did not LOSE money! I had two very bad shows and still broke even. It was an amazing year!

So here we are in 2019 and I have only chosen shows in the first half of the year where I know I will do well… and I have been exceeding my own expectations. At this point I am at break even. Prior to last weekend’s Comicpalooza here in Houston, I had all of my show tables paid up for the year, I just needed to pay for my hotel stays for three upcoming shows. I accomplished that with my 2019 Comicpalooza appearance! For the rest of the year, I am making a profit with each sale I make.

My hard work has finally paid off. I am a hit in Artist’s Alley. Now I need to show the syndicates what I am made of. I need to alert the syndicates to my amazing followers. I need to share my success with these syndicates and let them fight over with syndicate will win me over so we can BOTH make a ton of money.

Thanks so much for coming out to support me at each and every show. I will have a show update on Comicpalooza in a few days. Keep buying art and supporting my dream and I will continue working toward success to cement Charmy’s legacy.


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