Turtle Let’s His Hair Down

Turtle let's his hair down or Frenchy in this week's comic strip #comics #webcomics

Hair today… Gone tomorrow…

I love writing comic strips for Turtle. Turtle is the geeky character in today’s comic strip. He has a crush on Frenchy and believes in his heart that he will one day win her over. I am rooting for the little guy, but the deck is stacked against him.

We can all relate to Turtle. I am sure we’ve all chased a dream or a goal that we knew was impossible.My impossible chase was been my cartooning dream. It seems that every time I get moving, I have to stop and get back to the real world. The day job is crazy. My everyday chores are piling up. To get anything accomplished on my comic strip, I must work every free second I have. I am not complaining though. I am more astonished that I actually get my comic strips completed along with my growing batches of commission work.

With my success stated, I must admit one thing, I am NOT making any money I call my comic con appearances a success because I have not lost money this year…. yet. For the first time ever, I am having a year where every show appearance was profitable. Each show has only brought in between $100 – $200 in profit, but that is okay. Last year, I only had four out of twelve shows that were profitable. It ended up being a break even year though because one show was insanely profitable. The insanely profitable show in 2018 was Comicpalooza. This year, I only made $225 at Comicpalooza because I paid a lot extra for a corner spot. I made four times as much last year but I was in a prime spot. This year I was in a BLIND spot and had no traffic. I am actually BLESSED to have turned a profit.

So, let’s get back on track with today’s theme. Go for your dreams no matter how impossible they are. My cartooning dream is beyond an impossibility. I was hoping that my enrollment into the Texas Branch of the National Cartoonists Society would help give me credibility but that has actually done nothing for me. Every time they have a gathering, I am at a show that weekend. I am a true believer in networking and know that I need to get my work in front of some key players. That is my goal for 2020… even if that means that I have to cancel a show appearance to get to one of those gatherings.

I am just like the character Turtle from my comic strip. I will fight and claw for this impossible dream. Keep an eye on us both. Let’s see who secures their dream first!



#comics #charmysarmy #webcomics


2 thoughts on “Turtle Let’s His Hair Down

    1. Thanks J.R.

      I am working so incredibly hard. My last round of submissions to the syndicates yielded NO responses. Newspapers won’t place me without a syndicated repping me and they all love my strip….

      Real success seems impossible.

      Then I make an appearance at a comic con and fans come out from the woodwork wanting pictures with me… and they are buying art. It is there at my show appearances where I finally feel like a success. A huge success.

      I just wish the syndicates could see how popular I am at my comic con appearances. They would see what I offer them. I need to figure out a way to showcase that success and present it to the syndicates.

      Meanwhile, I am going to keep working like crazy and pray for real success.


      It will come soon.

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