24/7 Title Disappoints WWE Crowd

by Hormiga de Fuego

The arena was buzzing in Albany New York. A new title emerges and the Hardcore legend Mick Foley is the one hand picked to unveil this highly anticipated addition. Mick hits the ring and the energy is electric! Mick states that it is once again time for Monday nights to get RAW again. The crowd at this point is about to explode.

This is New York. I was waiting for the ECW chants to break out. Hardcore lives in New York.Where else would this new title be unveiled? As the speech ran on I would hear the nervousness build in Mick’s voice. He new this was NOT the title the fans wanted.

The 24/7 title was revealed to the roar of dead silence and disbelief. You could hear some faint boo’s rising as Mick stumbled on hos words. He was trying to add credence to this wimpy new title.

The hardcore title was the belt we were all expecting. The hardcore belt is the only title that could return the true meaning of RAW to Monday nights. Fans were once again let down by a company who has lost sight of what the fans want,,, what we need.

The hardcore title lost its thunder in its final years when the WWE made its defense a 24/7 title. The storylines became goofy because the title holder had to watch over his shoulder all the time. This 24/7 rule destroyed the hardcore title during the end of the Attitude Era. Of course, the end of the Attitude Era ultimately killed off the title altogether once the PG Era began,

So the WWE teases the return of the Hardcore Title, yet delivers a title based upon the defining characteristics that killed the hardcore title. Already tonight, the title’s gimmick has ran its course. I am already sick of watching title change after title change.

Titles should mean something. Titles should be earned. Titles lose their prestige and power when they can be stolen away without a fight. Titles lose purpose when anyone can posses the belt. I have no idea what was more disappointing…. this title debut or the series finale of Game of Thrones.

We watch the title change hands three times, ultimately landing on R-Truth. The entire time the gang of wrestlers run around chasing the champ in a hot mess that looks like a Saturday morning cartoon. This cheesy chaos is making Monday night RAW again? With R-Truth running off with the title in the end, we can now expect this silly storyline to continue on Smackdown.

The fans lose, but at least there is a need for wrestlers who are not currently being utilized for anything else but “jobbing”. That is a little blessing but it is not going to give this title any ounce of credibility. I am hoping this angle and new title finds a way to be “RAW” as Mick promised. After this goofy spot tonight, I doubt very seriously this title will bring back that “hardcore edge” the fans want from the WWE.


HORMIGA DE FUEGO is a six time World Champion and two time tag team champion in Mexico’s EWE, Extreme Wrestling Empire and can be seen in the comic strip Charmy’s Army. Hormiga de Fuego’s opinions do NOT reflect the opinion of any other cast member or the creator, Davy Jones, of Charmy’s Army. Hormiga de Fuego took a TON of headshots with one too many steel chairs in his career. Blame his multiple concussions for his big mouth…. and misshapen skull.


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