Raven and Poison Ivy by Davy Jones

Davy's version of Raven and Poison Ivy.
Davy’s version of Raven and Poison Ivy.

Everything begins with a pencil! With the world going all digital, art is beginning to look flat and a little TOO perfect. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than looking at art created without and high tech doo dads.I want my pen and brush… and my talent… to determine my brushstroke, When the brush width is controlled by a computer, the result is a fake looking illustration. I love natural brush strokes. I love an imperfection here and there. I like a drawing that looks “human”.

A cheap number two pencil is the first step to creating a masterpiece. I can play around with my line widths and experiment with shading. I can test textures as well as evident in Poison Ivy’s blouse.

Both of these characters were suggested by a few readers from this blog and from social media. Thank you all for the suggestions. In my female heroes and villain set, we now have Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Supergirl, Raven and Poison Ivy. I need three more for a set of nine cards.


I need three more female heroes or villains from the DC Universe to complete this set. Leave a suggestion in the comments below.

To see Harley Quinn in color, click HERE.

To see Super Girl in color, click HERE.



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