Flimp Receives Shattering News

Flimp The Chimp receives shattering news from back home in this week;s comic strip.
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I am beginning a long string of comic strips I wrote during a long plane flight to Louisville, Kentucky where I demoed a product for my day job. I flew out at noon and wrote strips for nearly four hours. When all was said and done, I had enough comic strips written to last me until mid October. Now I just have to find time to draw.

Poor Flimp. In today’s comic strip, he realizes his entire life if spread out on Facebook. I am sure we have all posted stuff online that we later found embarrassing. Social media can be a dangerous place where pride and / or ignorance in recorded for all to see.

In case you are wondering… Epi is Monkey talk for the word “Delete”. Flimp at teh end of the strip is saying, “Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete”.

Gotta get back to my sketch cards. I am prepping a bunch of “FAN ART” for my next show. I must figure out a way to actually make money at these shows, lolol….. Charmy is doing very good, but I see other artists making a few thousand bucks selling fan art. If I can sell some fan art and make more than a hundred bucks over my investment, I must try it. Cartooning is very expensive! I need these shows to be profitable so I can pay for art supplies and publishing costs.



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