A Softer Side to Warrior Wench Wendy

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Fan Art is on the way!!!

This weekend I will be in Austin, Texas for the Greater Austin Comic Con. I have prepared 25 original “fan art” sketch cards for the show. This is a big test to see if creating fan art will help keep the winning streak alive. So far over this course of this year, I have not lost money at any of my appearances.

Last year at Greater Austin Comic Con, I lost just over $100. I have seen so many artists pulling in some big bucks producing fan art. In case you do not know what fan art is, it’s art drawn with subject matter that is not the property of the artist creating the work. I have stuck by my guns, only creating art using my characters from Charmy’s Army. For years I have struggled in artist’s alley. That struggle ends this weekend.

I will use fan art to attract more people to my table so I can introduce them to Charmy’s Army. I will make money and more fans using fan art. That is the goal. I will let you know if it worked after the show is over on Sunday.

If you are in Austin, please pop by Greater Austin Comic Con and see me.



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