The Wrestling Bug Bites Weaver

The wrestling bug bites Weaver in today's comic strip.
The wrestling bug bites Weaver in today’s comic strip.

As you can tell, I am a HUGE wrestling fan. I began watching Paul Boesch’s wresting promotion here in Houston. I think I was as young as two years old watching the program with my dad. I basically grew up on wrestling. The show aired Saturday nights and on Sunday mornings. Both shows were different. The old school way the show built storylines was so believable. My buddy Ryan Shaw… aka The $20 Man… were discussing this fact last night. The WWE is terrible at running storylines. They water them down with the cheesy soap opera meets Saturday Night Live escapades.

Last night I watched AEW’s Buy Out. This new promotion has that old school vibe. The wrestlers speak their minds with their actions and reactions. The great play-by-play announcer Jim Ross creates the believably with his narratives. I have been watching Jim Ross since I was a teenager and he commentated on matches here in Houston for Paul Boesch.

So the wrestling bug bit me early in my life. It was recharged when I worked at DSI Toys and we were awarded a WWE license for novelty toys. Since my “rebirth” in the early 90’s, I have never missed a RAW or Smackdown. I have sadly watched the slow decline in story writing, creative talent use, and the watering down of the product as the company went to a PG vibe. The worse part of the watering down is that the show now refuses to say the word “wrestler”. The “performers” are known on WWE television as “Superstars”. So weak.

I am planning on turning today’s comic strip into a 28 – 32 page comic book. This will be written very soon. The issue is that I am hesitant on using the WWE names due to copyright issues. I also plan of using the book to take a jab at the watering down of the product. This also depends on how well my other upcoming comic books move at my shows. I have been lucky to sell 3 or 4 comic books at my shows. People just do not support independent artists and writers anymore. So sad!

Enjoy today’s comic strip. To see more, jump here…. ARCHIVE


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