Between The Rock and a Hard Place…

I love wrestling and there is no one more “electric” than The Rock… Dwayne Johnson. Today’s wrestling product is a bit stale and could use someone with his larger than life personality cutting promos. Legends are made in the wrestling industry when other famous wrestlers “put over” up-and-coming talent. The ending of thei strip is my way of getting Charmy “over” using The Rock.

This ties in with one of the main reasons I have paid to be in artist’s alley at so many comic cons. I am always hoping to meet one influential cartoonist who could help put out a good word for me and help the syndicates realize my potential. There aren’t any syndicated cartoonists appearing at these shows so that plan is NOT working out so well.

So I need a new plan. I really must get my work out to some syndicated cartoonists. But how? Well, my first step was to join the National Cartoonist’s Society’s Texas Branch as an unofficial member is “just okay” standing, lolol….. I am NOT an official member because I make no money at cartooning…. BUT…. I get to attend their annual get-togethers!!!! Yeah!!!!! No wait…. The gatherings are ALWAYS the same weekend as a comic con booking….. GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have missed the last four meetings. One though was because of weather. The other three were comic con conflicts.

Plan B is not working either.

Looking for a Plan C. I heard a story where Stephen Pastis stalked Charles M Schultz and met him for coffee. If I were to do this, just walk up and try to talk to some famous cartoonist, I would be arrested, lol. That plan won’t work. I could start a Twitter war with a syndicated cartoonist…. but they would not get the joke and just unfriend me. That is out. I could draw some cool art and send it to their studio!!!! Oh wait…. I tried that two years ago. I forgot about that. Never heard back from any of them.

That said….

I guess I need a PLAN D…..

Oh well. I guess I just need to earn this on my own. I have a pretty good feeling about my next submission to King Features. I have never received a response from them in the past. I have a good feeling about this submission. Wish me luck!!!! Submissions go out in a few weeks.

Enjoy today’s comic strip. To see more, jump here…. ARCHIVE



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