The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones

The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones

One of the biggest rivalries in History!

Well, maybe not. I believe the media made out the Beatles vs. Stones rivalry out to be much bigger than it ever was, The guys were pretty good friends in fact. Each band has their own fans who will argue all day long that their favorite is better than YOUR favorite. So, who does DAVY prefer?

Anyone who knows me will tell ya that I have been a fan of The Beatles since I was a very young kid. In the mid to late 70’s I was given a stack of 45 rpm records. The stack included recordings by Buddy Holly, Elvis, Stevie Wonder, The Everly Brothers and Jan & Dean among others.

The standout though was a single by The Beatles. In that stack was the double a side release of “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “I Saw Her Standing There”. I was hooked. I played that record over and over again. I believe the most amazing sound was the bass. I could not get over the beat. I needed to hear more.

My first album was “Live at the Hollywood Bowl”. Again, I was hooked. Over the next ten years I would save my allowance money and buy albums covering all eras of the career of these amazing musicians. I still recall, with vivid memory, the first time I played the album “All Things Must Pass”. To this day, no album has ever sent chill after chill throughout my soul.

Do you have a favorite song or album by either The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

Post your favorite in the comments!!!


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