Thank You Bell County Comic Con!

Here is my EXCLUSIVE comic page for Bell County Comic Con.
Here is my EXCLUSIVE comic page for Bell County Comic Con.

Exclusive BCCC Comic Page

In case you were not one of the lucky people who grabbed the limited edition Bell County Comic Book, here is the exclusive page I created for the show. My table was MOBBED the entire show with people wanting me to sign the page… which made me SO happy! I felt like a huge star. Bell County Comic Con, once again, proved to be yet another dream show.

I decided to use the page for entertainment. I know most artists just showcase a page of art, so I wanted to give the readers some meat. I created a page which still showcased my talent, but it also gave the audience a comic strip. I had SO many people thanking me for working in something special for this exclusive comic book.


Once again, I shared the stage with Rick Brooks of Mr. Morris fame. It is so awesome to have another HUGELY talented traditional strip cartoonist at a show with me. The Weekly Bulletin in Brazoria County here in Texas runs Mr. Brooks and Charmy’s Army in the comic section. This was the first paying newspaper to run Charmy’s Army. Upon my debut in this newspaper, I knew I had to befriend this amazing talent. There is NO nicer guy I have ever met than Rick. You can check out his comic strip at

My buddies Brian Salinas and Thomas Bubier hit me up for dinner both nights and I had a blast. Night Two saw Greg Peters joining us for Dinner. Greg Peters was an animator for the Animaniacs. He is also one of the nicest artists you will ever meet. If I ever get an animation deal with Charmy’s Army, I will demand Greg is on the creative team.

I never made it to Hall C, but the talent in Hall A had some of the most amazing artists I have witnessed in Artist’s Alley. I seriously felt as though I was a bit underwhelming by comparison. From Sam de la Rosa to Sam Lofti to Tom Cook to Bill Williams and Matthew Weldon, I was surrounded by the best in the business. I was right in the mix with these greats, looking straight at their tables…. holding my own like a big dog. I was in HEAVEN. I can only PRAY my placement n=in 2020 is like this again.


How can I begin to express the gratitude I have for the surrounding community? For three years, I have been amazed with the turnout from these two towns. Both are two of the most beautiful towns with downtown areas with a classic retro charisma which warms my heart. I am seriously wanting to drive up the THURSDAY before next year so I can spend some more time visiting all the hot spots.

Besides the sites and sounds from these two energized cities, there is a community of people who have a passion for art, a spirit for amusement and fun… there are some of the most kindhearted individuals and entire families who are the TRUE heart of the most epic comic con I have the privilege to be a part of Bell County Comic Con.

People came out in droves. From start to finish on day one the crowd was shoulder to shoulder and my table was swarmed. I signed so many books that I could have written a novel with the ink I used. I talked non-stop and lost my voice one hour before the show ended on Sunday. The show has grown into a massive annual event these communities look forward to. I love each and every one of you and cannot thank everyone enough for making this past weekend a memory I will cherish forever.

I was blown away by everyone who wanted pictures taken with me. I get asked once… maybe twice… per show for a picture on average. I was asked over two dozen times for pictures with people who have fallen in love with Charmy’s Army! Seeing all these returning faces and meeting new ones. I loved looking at the portfolios of young artists so I could encourage them to continue chasing their dreams. These budding artists remind me at how hard it is to get started… and how much an ounce of encouragement can go to launching one’s dream.


I love this show and I love the people behind it. From the promoter to the volunteers, this is the smoothest show I have ever seen. The audience had only great things to say about the show. I never heard one complaint. The volunteers checked on us throughout the event. The hot dogs at this show are actually some of the best dogs I have ever consumed.

From the moment I arrived, the staff knew who I was and treated me like a star. During setup, so many staff members kept popping over to thank me for returning. They made setup so easy because I was riding on the most energetic adrenaline charge up from all the love and respect.

I have already booked and paid for my table for 2020. I will see yo all again next year at the greatest comic con in the state of Texas, Bell County Comic Con.


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2 thoughts on “Thank You Bell County Comic Con!

  1. Wow, what a read? So glad you had a successful show! I can really feel the way you felt in your article. Maybe I’ll try to make it to that con next year.
    Take care and keep up the great work!


    1. THANKS!

      This was my third year at Bell County Comic Con. I love this show and the community. The people from Belton and Temple are the nicest people I have ever met.

      Hope to see you next year!


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