Frenchy’s Word To The Wise!

Frenchy's word to the wise!
Finally! A comic strip that is educational!

And now for some high-brow humor!

I hope to bring a little class to today’s comic strip. Frenchy’s word to the wise is LITERALLY a word to the wise. That means, this is a word for people who are super smart. I have NO idea how I wrote this joke to be honest with you.

In case you are wondering, here is the definition of COTAGENT!

[ koh-tan-juh nt, koh-tan- ]

First recorded in 1625-35, cotangent is from the New Latin
word cotangent- (stem of cotangēns). See co-tangent

noun Trigonometry.
1. (in a right triangle) the ratio of the side adjacent to a given angle to the side opposite.
2. the tangent of the complement, or the reciprocal of the tangent, of a given angle or arc.Abbreviation: cot, ctn

As you can see, Frenchy’s word to the wise is a word only someone wise would understand. That is the basis of this terrible joke. I promise never to repeat this gag ever again… lol……. The real reason that I won’t repeat such a gag is because the word “cotangent” is the only intellectual word I know. I doubt I could repeat this gag.


Okay, I am going to do something cool. I am going to release “newspaper versions” of two strips to the newspapers and “Web Exclusive” versions to this website!


I will be using a word in each that I cannot say in newspapers…. but these are family friendly words. Newspapers are stuck in a time warp dating back to the turn of the century…. the PREVIOUS turn of the century. I will post both versions in the posts next month so stay TOON’ed to see how I “edited” myself for print.


I already heard back from Creator’s Syndicate! I actually received this quick response the Friday morning as I drove up the Bell County Comic Con. I read the email as I was unloading my car. I was so excited!!!

I sat down at my table and took a deep breath. The email opened and it took me about ten seconds to gather the courage to read the email. I looked at the screen and SLOWLY opened my eyes. And there it was!!!!

I received the EXACT same form letter I have received the last two times over the course of six years. I have been rejected again. This one really hurts because I really think I am on a level now where I should receive more than a form letter. Form letters just tell me that my work is so terrible that I am not worthy of a response…. But I do understand. Creator’s receives a TON of submissions each week and cannot respond personally to ANY. That said, it still stings.

So the major news is that I am still not syndicated, lol…


If you would like some original art, please contact me. I have a little down time in between shows and would love to crank out a few commissions. Leave a comment below if you want one or email me at and tell me what you’d like. I will send you an estimate asap.


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