Pokemon League of America – Justice League of America mashed up with a few Pokemon Characters!

The Justice League as Pokemon characters.
The Justice League of America as Pokemon Characters

This was a FUN sketch cover to create. This was the first Pokemon sketch cover I ever drew. After the huge success with the mini print card art, I had to move up to a larger price range. I just need to see if these sketch covers will move at the bigger shows I attend… Oh wait, I only do ONE big show every year. Dang it. I am probably stuck with a few hundred sketch covers….

It all begin with a sketch…

Pokemon as the Justice League Pencil Sketch.
Pokemon as the Justice League Pencil Sketch.

I believe I sketched Evee about a dozen times until I found something that worked. I cannot express how much time and effort is applied to the pencil phase of every drawing I do. The balance must be perfect. The drawings and characters must look correct and match the style of the original artist while embodying my soul as an artist. Then, the facial expressions must be perfect. I will redraw faces over and over until I am happy with the result.

Pencil sketches are vital. Once the pencils drawing is completed, there is NO altering the composition. Upon occasion, I will tweak some proportions that bug me…. but for the most part the final look is locked in.


Pokemon as the Justice League inked
Pokemon as the Justice League inked

Inks are fun. I love watching the pencils come to life. One area I am working on is my balance of black. I see so many cartoonists using that color so nicely to balance the overall weight of the composition. That balance is something I struggle with. I feel I did a good job here balancing the black, but I know I could still do better.

A bit of color to make this POP!!!

Pokemon as the Justice League with Copic Markers
Pokemon as the Justice League with Copic Markers

Applying colors is fun…. Matching the colors perfectly is a pain! Everyone knows the exact orange Charmander should be so that means a trip to the art store and another eight dollar marker. Oh, and Pokemon is cadmium yellow… Gotta pick up ANOTHER eight dollar marker… Even when I sell one of these, I am not making any money. lolol…..

The reason I did so many Pokemon cards and sketch covers was because…… I SPEND 8 DOLLARS on markers so I am going to draw a ton of Pokemon stuff now so I can make my money back.


Pokemon as the Justice League with a little paint
Pokemon as the Justice League with a little paint

My secret weapon… a little gouache paint to cover up the pre-printed logo on the cover. The gouache blends a lot like the Copic alcohol based markers so the cover up is nearly seamless. You can still see the color bleeding through if you look closely, but it does not ruin the final affect.

I hope to create a few more covers soon. I need for these to sell through so I can feel out what is selling. Trends are tough to guess from show to shoW

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