Here is the UNCENSORED version of this week’s comic strip!!!

Here is the UNCENSORED version of this week's comic strip!
Here is this week’s UNCENSORED version of this week’s comic strip!

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Here is an exclusive look at the version I could not publish in papers!

Okay, you have probably read the strip TWICE… or more… in an attempt to decide what is so taboo with this comic strip. The newspaper version has Flimp responding, “That would look pretty dumb it I wore it on my feet”. Newspaper editors are very cautious about certain words and particular situations. Basically, as a writer, I have to ask myself, “could I have said this, or had my characters do this, back in 1957?”

The word “butt” is a filthy word when used in a “super family-friendly world” of syndicated comic strips. The strips is SO much more funny as shown above. The newspaper version loses its bite when Flimp refers to his feet.

When I release the second treasury collection in May of 2020, Flimp will be saying “butt”. To be honest, there is nothing wrong with the “uncensored” version in this day and age. Newspapers are living in the past. Their core reader are around the age of 55 – 75 years old so their readers are more apt to be shocked by the word “butt”. I do not believe I have talked about “butts” this long in quite some time.

I mention from time to time that I am working my “butt” off… but even then I believe I refer to my butt as a “tail”… as in “I am working my “tail” off.

Lair Con Is Over!

I wish to thank everyone who came out to Lair Con on Saturday. I had a blast meeting everyone. I cannot thank Dewayne Holman for coming out to see me. Dewayne was the first person I met in Artist’s Alley at my first show ever…. Comicpalooza. Dewayne and his team at SoulGate Studios were tabling across from me at that show. Dewayne came over and was so kind, talking up my work and admiring my linework in my illustrations. This was my first show and my work was SO subpar compared to every single other artist in artist’s alley. Dewayne’s amazing outreach was the one moment of that first show which motivated me the most to keep plugging away at more shows.

A year later, SoulGate was at a show with me in Bryan College Station and Dewayne invited me to dine with them at Rudy’s BBQ. So there I was with his amazing group of talent, along with Rosel Rodriguez and the legendary “Commander” Mark Kistler. This was the first time I was invited to go out with a group of talented artists so I was thrilled. To this day, that evening is the most treasured memory I have of my adventures in Artist’s Alley.

That said, my FONDEST memories are always going to be the shows I have had the pleasure of being at alongside my wife. I do so many shows solo though and most always I end up sitting in my hotel bred out of my skull.

Back to Lair Con, I wish to thank everyone at the store who were more than gracious. The entire staff went out of their way to make the day perfect. I can see how this store has such a loyal clientele.

I hope to be back for year three!!!


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Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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