Mashups! – Pokemon Sketch Card


I am having a blast creating the Pikachu mashups for my comic con appearances. I have plans to add more Marvel mashups. The next one will be a Thor mashup with Pikachu. I have it penciled up but I cannot figure out where I placed it.

Skim through my archive of Pikachu mashups! All art are illustrated with pen and ink on bristol board. Some are baseball card size. The one’s above with logos are sketch covers and are the size of a comic book…. and include the comic book for that issue. The colors are first colored with Copic Markers. Gouache paint is used to paint over any logos that are pre-printed on the cover.

I am going to set up art galleries on my page in a few months. I hope to give the entire website an overhaul my the first of the new year. WordPress has provided users with some pretty amazing new features to bless us with the tools we need to fashion some amazing looking websites.

This post is just a preview of what is to come!

If you have any suggestions for Pikachu mashups, send them to me!

I appreciate your suggestions. Keep an eye on my website and see if I use your suggestion. My weekly updates include the current comic strip from Charmy’s Army. I will send out daily email every other day with art updates and breaking news regarding my comic strip.

You can sign up for email updates using the form below.

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