My Comic Strip goes APE SPIT CRAZY!

Charmy has a HUGE monkey on his back in today's comic strip.
Charmy has a HUGE monkey on his back in today’s comic strip.

For the first time ever, Charmy misses Flimp the Chimp. Rumor has it that Flimp had a try out for a bit part in an upcoming Pearls Before Swine comic strip. The followup rumor is that Pearls Before Swine’s creator Stephan Pastis hated Flimp’s reading. Let’s face it, no one but Frenchy understands a word that monkey ever says.

In Flimp’s absence, I scoured the “ink sheets” for another available actor to sit in for Flimp. In case you are not familiar with “ink sheets”, they are similar to “head shots” provided by actors looking for parts. Cartoon characters use “ink sheets” and you get these informational documents from cartoon agencies. I discovered Nate using an agency called The Funny Farm Factory out of Las Vegas. A lot of these cartoon characters live in Las Vegas…. And NO!, this is not a joke leading to, “and they all live on the STRIP”. That would be stupid.

LET ME KNOW IF YOU LIKE NATE. If you do, I may find more work for him in the future… Maybe should Frenchy need a day off.


I have began working on streamlining my website. I have tweaked it so it displays better on mobile devices. I have also cleaned up the website for search engine optimization. The result saw an immediate tripling of my hit count! With INKTOBER coming up, I am anticipating a HUGE month in October.

Before we hit the tenth month of the year, I am working on one major update which may or may not see the light of day. I want to tweak my comic strip archive so that I get a hit for each strip read. Currently, I am using google slides so the page never reloads as strips are opened. The ads stay stagnant. I need the ads to refresh with each strip read. That said, Google slides is low maintenance… and developing and maintaining an ever-updating archive takes too much time away from my very workload. I need to load and go so I can keep creating.

CLICK AROUND THE WEBSITE…. and let me know what you think.


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