Another Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Charmy's latest get-rich-quick scheme.


I write and draw these comic strips months in advance. It never fails. lately upon publication in the newspapers the story in these comic strips are directly reflecting events in my own daily life. Today’s comic strip is no exception. Here in today’s comic strip we see Charmy with another money-making scheme. Just this week, I also ventured out on my own get-rich-quick scheme… which will more than likely have the same result. To my defense though, mine is a legit marketing plan and not a “rip off your friends” scheme.


I have optimized my website. It loads quicker and is designed to serve MORE ads without the reader noticing the difference. I removed ads from a lot of pages and adding them to each comic strip in my archives. I have abandoned Google Slides which served up only ONE ad as readers read through the gallery. With the new WordPress box design, I am able to create a slideshow where new ads are served with each comic strip view. This should double the number of ads being served!


Please look through the website and let me know if it flows well. Do you see any glitches? If so, tell me! Just fill out the form and send me your observation.

I appreciate your help. I have more changes coming. I will have an amazing Art Gallery set up very soon. It will take a few months with all of the projects I have moving. I have so many that I just turned down TWO show appearance invites. You know I am busy when I am passing up on personal invites. There is only so much time in the day.

I am getting ready to launch a digital comic book series! This will be HUGE. The digital series is my TRUE get-rich-quick scheme. I have a VERY well thought out plan for this. The missing key is a virtual store. I am struggling on where to store and which engine to use. When I figure this out, I will change the industry. Brace yourselves for some AMAZING news coming very soon.



I know a lot of you have been emailing, texting and messaging me about the news out of my hometown of Santa Fe, Texas where a monkey is running around, terrorizing the city. And…. YES, Flimp was not available for last week’s comic strip and his part had to be played by another actor.

I will write another blog soon in defense of Flimp. I will do my best to explain the situation and ease the worries of Flimp’s fans across the world. I need to work out a few minor “issues” first with Flimp’s agent and his attorney. I had no idea how difficult managing cartoon characters would be. These guys are insane. No wonder I am always so stressed out!


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