Sketch Card Art – Rick Sanchez

Original Rick and Morty art by Davy Jones
Rick and Morty – Rick Sanchez art by Davy Jones

I love drawing other characters and showing off my drawing skills. Matching other people’s styles and STILL making the art YOUR OWN is very tough. Here is the first time I ever drew Rick Sanchez. I believe this came out pretty good. Man, I would LOVE to do a guest cover for the Rick and Morty comic book. I need to do some more Rick and Morty art so I can impress the powers that be at the Rick and Morty camp.

Now, those of you hardcore followers and calling my bluff. Yes, I did draw rick last year, but that drawing was Charmy, from my comic strip Charmy’s Army. mashed up with Rick Sanchez. That was a blast. Mashing up my cartoon characters is no longer a challenge for me. The real challenge now is drawing characters “straight up”, matching the style the fans are used to… and making that style MY OWN, I have become well known for my linework. That linework is how I make these drawings look like DAVY JONES drew them. I match the original style and then give it my personal touch with my pens, brushes and inks.

This drawing here was created after a loose pencil sketch on bristol board. Pencils were inked over with pen and ink. After the ink dried, Copic markers were applied. The scan above was not doctored. No Photoshop effects were used during the scan. What you see is what I drew and colored by hand.


If you are an artist looking for advise, look no further. You want to be noticed? Develop your own style. It is not easy. My style took twenty years of tweaking and starting over and changing and adjusting and starting over and experimenting and tweaking and finally…. perfecting. A good style is NOT created overnight.

Look at the original comic strips from the 1950’s from Peanuts Featuring Good Ol’ Charlie Brown…. and then look at the comic strips from the 80’s. You will be the drawing style is completely different. Next look at the first year from Bloom County and then compare a strip to one from near the end of the run, Berkley Breathed’s style changed greatly after that first year.

You will not sit down and just draw your style. Your style must be a part of who you are. It is a groove your pick up after thousands upon thousands of sketches, of drawings…. of inking one character after another. A style becomes everything you are and all that you represent. Your style will be your LEGACY. You do not just come upon your style by accident. It must be earned.


Get your suggestions in soon. I will be drawing a new sketch card every day in September. I will then sell the art at my shows. If you want tp purchase the art you suggested, just let me know. I charge $15 for the art. It will come with a hard sleeve and will be shipped for free. That said, there is NO obligation to buy. I need cards to sell at my show. I just want to get suggestions from you guys. I love making you feel like you are assisting me on my adventure as I fight my way through the darkness headlong, battling my way into syndication in newspapers across the country.

Leave me your suggestion in the form below.

This October will be challenging, but I will do my best to keep posting every day. I have a full plate the entire month, so please be patient with me. I promise now to disappoint. INK-Tober can be so frustrating because of the stress that comes with it, but the month-long draw-a-ton is so rewarding in the end… and I get 31 new cards to sell!!!! Sheer winner for me.

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2 thoughts on “Sketch Card Art – Rick Sanchez

    1. Thanks! I am going to start posting more often. Working on a game plan. Thursdays will be Throwback Thursdays, so tomorrow you will see a strip from BEFORE the newspaper run. Rare stuff!!!!


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